photos transferred to glass

These two possible resemblances between the art forms of today and those of the past will be at once recognized as diametrically opposed to one another. The first, being purely external has no future. The second, being internal, contains the seed of the future within itself. After the period of materialistic effort, which held the soul in check until I was shaken off as evil, the soul is emerging, purged by the trials and sufferings. Shapeless emotions such as fear, joy, grief, etc. Which belonged to this time of effort, will no longer greatly attract the artist. He will endeavor to awake subtler emotions, as yet unnamed. Living himself a complicated and comparatively subtler life, his work will give to those observers, capable of feeling them lofty emotions beyond the reach of words.

— Concerning the Spiritual in Art - Wassily Kadinsky (via whisperingpetals)
Ramirez, Oscar. Untitled. 2014.



ॐ the earth is not a cold dead place ॐ

Zdjęcia użytkownika Laura Makabresku: photography & fairy tales. | via Facebook no We Heart It.